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Ah, dammit! W-Why must it be so c-cold...?"

"Do you want to borrow my scarf, Lovi?" you asked your grumpy friend. You cared for Lovino deeply, and didn't want him to get sick.

"R-Ragazza... T-That's a nice offer, but... no thanks."

"If you say so... Well, there's my apartment complex. See you on Monday!"

"C-Ciao...", and with that he left, still shivering from the cold.



"Thank you for shopping with us! Have a nice weekend!" the cashier of the sewing shop said, and put your purchased things into a white plastic bag.

"Thank you!"

As you stepped outside you were met with the cold autumn air. Fortunately, you wore a thick jacket and a wool scarf, so it wasn't that bad.

*But what about him, he's probably freezing to death right now...*

With that thought in mind, you went back to your flat.


"So... I got everything that I need", you said to yourself.

After you switched on the radio, you sat on the couch and began knitting. This wasn't the first time you knitted a scarf, so you knew what you had to do.


A few hours later...

"Mmhh.... Oh, it's already this late... Well, I am nearly done...", you mumbled to yourself and stood up. You stretched a bit and made yourself ready for bed. You could finish the scarf tomorrow.



After coming home from your weekly Sunday walk, you started to work on the scarf again. You could tell that it was nearly finished.

*I hope he accepts it...*, you thought to yourself.
Finishing the last bit up, you now looked at your finished work. A red, fluffy scarf, that would hopefully keep the person, that wore it, warm.

"Hmm... But something is missing... Ah, I got it!"

Taking out your sewing things, you searched for a sewing needle, and two different colors of yarn. Content with the things you found, you started sewing something on one of the corners of the scarf.

"First the outline in black..."

You sewed a circle-like form with a bush-like thing on top.

"And now green for the stem...", you filled upper part with the green yarn.

You could see now the finished tomato in the corner. You had to say, that this was the best scarf you ever knitted. You only hoped that Lovino would lik it too.



You, like every workday, were waiting at the bus stop. The present for your crush was safely in your handbag. Now you only had to hand it to him. But Lovino was late today. Normally he would also take the same bus like you.

*Maybe he'll take the later bus today...*


After work...

Even while on your way home, you haven't met up with him. Worried-sick you got out your cell phone.

"*cough*Ciao..." a hoarse voice answered.

"Hello Lovino... I was wondering where you were today...But it seems that you got sick...You should have told me! I'll just come over okay?"

"Ragazza...*cough* you don't need to take care *cough* of me..." he tried to change your plans.

"I will come over, you hear me?! No way in the world would I leave you alone, while you're sick like this."

"*cough* Do what you *cough* want..."


At Lovinos flat...

"You're burning up... You really should have told someone", you scolded him.

"*cough*Sorry, bella..." he said, shivering along the way.

"I'll get more blankets for you, and then make you some soup..." you stroke his head.


You walked into his kitchen. Fortunately you came prepared, and brought some tomato soup that you only needed to heat up. While the soup was cooking, you grabbed some blankets from the cabinet. After tugging Lovino under them, you got a wet washrag and laid it on his forehead.

"*cough*Ragazza... You don't need to baby me..."
"Shush... I want you to get better, so just let me do this, okay?" you said and kissed his cheek. He got even redder in the face than before.

"R-Ragazza?! *cough* W-Why did you do that?"

"Because it makes you better faster."

"Assurdo! And you *cough* could get sick too!"

"Just worry about yourself now. Ah, the soup should be ready now."

You then brought him a plate with soup. Hopefully he would eat some. You sat yourself at the corner of his bed.

"And now say 'Ahh'~!"

"What the--! No, you won't *cough* spoon feed me!" he blushed red just like the scarf you knitted.

*Oh... I totally forgot about the scarf!*

"Just do what I say, I have treat for you afterwards~!"

"Don't treat me like a bambino..."

"You're behaving like one. Okay, I'll give you the plate... If you're full, just leave the plate on the nightstand."


You waited until he was finished with eating, and after putting away the dirty dishes, you sat again by his side. He looked at you, face flushed from the fever, and began talking:

"*cough* Why are you still here...? You have work tomorrow, shouldn't you go now?"

"I've taken the day off tomorrow, so that I can take care of you."


"Well...I'm your idiot..." you blushed as you said this. Now standing up, Lovino watched you go out of his room. You grabbed the present you wanted to give him the whole time.

"What's this?"

"The 'treat' I was talking about. I wanted to give it to you before you got sick, but I was too late..." you said and handed him the present. He unpacked it, and it seemed like his face lit up. You hoped that this was a good sign.

"*cough* Ragazza... Grazie..." he thanked you quietly. You were happy that he liked the present, but wait... Was he crying?

"Lovi, why are you crying? Did I do something wrong?" you were worried. Did something hurt?

"N-No *hic* B-but why *cough*...?"

"Why what? Does something hurt?"

"Why are *hic* y-you caring for me l-like this..."

"Because I... Because I really like you..." you confessed. He looked at you with puffy eyes, his expression unreadable.

*Good job, [F/N]... You destroyed everything...*

"Maybe you're right... I should go now..."

"*hic*[F/N], wait..."

You looked at Lovino.

"You haven't *cough* let me answer..." he said, looking straight at you.


"Ragazza *cough* I ... Dammit *cough* Ti amo..."

You were too shocked to say anything. The only thing you could do was to hurry to his side and hug him. He hugged you back and kissed the top of your head.


The next day...

You were feeling like a truck had run you over. Your head hurt, your nose was runny and you had coughing fit after coughing fit. But at least Lovino was feeling good again.

"I told you that you would get sick..."

"*cough* I'm sorry..."

"Well, you better get healthy soon, bella."

"*cough* Will try..."

"Sleep now. I'll wake you up, when the soup is ready", he said and kissed your forehead.

"*cough* you..."

"Ti amo troppo, mia amore..."
Wow, I'm on a roll today...

A request from :iconoracleblackrose:!

I hope I didn't write Romano too Ooc...

So... please tell me what you think of this story, and if you find any mistakes, please tell me!

Even so, I hope you like it~! :iconspanishromanoplz:

Hetalia --> :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story --> me
You --> :iconsexyromanoplz:
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Leoandlove Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016  Student General Artist
This so far is the only Sick!reader x Hetalia someone where the reader DOESN'T kiss him on the lips and doesn't get sick.

Gekko73 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014
I am Sick..Onion Romano (Shy) [V2] :iconequalsplz:Cuddling Practice 
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AHHHHH!!!! Normally, I always read America x reader, but this...THIS. IS. SO. CUTE!!!!!
I'm not a big fan of Romano, but this is changing my mind.
Leoandlove Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016  Student General Artist
:) believe me, theres hundred of them Romano fanfics(BEWARD OF THE SPAMANO)
Alfred is my second fave so I read Romano's the most then Alfred then the Tomatoo Bastards XD
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So Cute!
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