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November 10, 2012
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It all began, when a small, yellow bird flew up to you, with a letter in his beak. The little bird presented the letter to you, and then flew away again.

*W-What was that...? I should just read the letter, maybe it explains that...*

You opened the letter and began reading.

'Dear [F/N],
You're the most amazing girl I ever met. You're kind, loving, intelligent, strong and other qualities that make you just awesome. I love you with my whole being, so I wanted to ask you:
Will you marry me?
Yours truly,
Your boyfriend, Gilbert
P.S.: Look behind you'

You were speechless. Did he really mean it? You put the letter down, and turned around.  There stood your boyfriend looking quite nervous, which was a pretty rare sight. He is normally pretty confident, always grinning and calling himself awesome.

"Do you really mean it? I thought that you didn't want to get married..."

"[F/N]...", he walked up to you and knelt down. He held a small box towards you and opened it. Inside was a simple golden ring. You gasped a little.

"I'm serious about this, meine Liebe. Will you marry me? I'll promise you, that I will make you happy."

"Yes... A thousand times Yes!"

He smiled and then slipped the ring on you. He then stood up, wrapped his arms around you and kissed you passionatly. This was truly one of your happiest moments in your life.


A few years later...

You just prepared dinner for your family. Your husband would be home soon, and you wanted to make something special for today. Gilbert and the children just loved sausages with potatoes, so you made that for them.

"Papa, we were waiting for you~!" a girls voice said.

"Hug, hug...", the quiet voice from your 3-year old son ordered.

"Ja, ja. I'm here, meine Kleinen. Where's your mother?"

"She making sausages with potatoes~! But she said, that we have to wait with eating until you're home...", you could literally hear your daughter pout.

"We shouldn't let her wait then, that wouldn't be awesome~"
He stepped inside the kitchen, with Friedrich in his arms and Sieglinde clinging to his side.

"Good evening, dear! Wash your hands, we can eat", you said to your husband, and took Friedrich from his arms.

"No kiss for the awesome me?" he pouted. After you put down Friedrich, you gave him a short peck on the lips.


"Much better~!"

"Mama! Can we eat now~?" Sieglinde whined.

"Schwester shouldn't be so forceful..."

"But Fritz, I'm hungry..."

"Okay, we can eat now!" you finally gave the okay.

"Yay~", your little girl cheered.

"Danke Mama...", Friedrich said, polite as ever.

"So... What did my awesome family do the whole day?"

"You know, the usual... brought Sieglinde to school and then Friedrich to the kindergarden, went to do some shopping, and picked the kids up in the afternoon."

"And what did you do, Fritz?"

"Today, I finished a jigsaw puzzle..."

"Awesome! And you, Sieglinde?"

"In school we talked about marriage and stuff. Ah, I wanted to ask you... How did you propose to Mama?`"

"I... uh...", Gilbert blushed bright red. You wondered why. There was nothing embarrassing with his proposal...
But wanting to help your husband, you spoke up:

"A little bird told me, that he wanted to marry me. And I said yes."

"Really? Cute~!!!" the 7-year old squealed.

"A-Are we finished with this topic now?"

"Of course, dear~!" you smiled at your husband.


That night...

You were now in your bedroom, the children already in bed. Gilbert was sitting on his side of the bed. You turned to him to ask him about the conversation you had at dinner.

"So... Why were you so embarrassed at Sieglindes question?"

"A-Ah that... I just thought... the proposal was really sappy, you know? Not really my style..."

You walked up to him and kissed his cheek.

"Gilbert Beilschmidt... It may have been sappy, but... I also think it was the most awesome thing you asked me~!"

You sat yourself on his lap and hugged him. You then purred into his ear:

"For me, you are the most awesome man on earth... I really love you, my dear~"
At first your husband looked a bit shocked, but this was soon replaced with his infamous smirk.

"You know Liebling... The children are already sleeping... How about I show you my awesome 5-metres again~?"

"I would like that~!"

Yes, for you, your husband was really the most awesome person there is. And all thanks to a little bird.
So... Here is the last request that was missing...

Requested by :iconmizu1993:

Can anyone guess why I choose Sieglinde as the girls name? ;)
(if not just ask)

I hope it isn't that bad, and that I didn't write Prussia to Ooc...

Well I hope you like it, and if there are any mistakes please tell me!

Hetalia --> :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story --> me
You --> :iconsexygilbertplz:
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ILuvAnimeSK Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Um, the only Sieglinde I know is from Kuroshitsuji. The manga. Was I right?:3
FrozenKirby93 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  Hobbyist
This Sieglinde is just a Original Character for this story. This story is already two years old, and I think the character of Sieglinde in Kuroshitsuji is only around since last year. So I'm sorry, but I didn't even know of this character at that time. The idea for this name came from a potato type named Sieglinde.
ILuvAnimeSK Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Ooh! Pshhh, I didn't even look at the date...Heh, thanks for informing me, I can be a little clueless at times. Thabk you!
FrozenKirby93 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Hobbyist
You're welcome!
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Haha potato! Awesome! My dad and brother wanted to name me alfinapickles but my mom said no
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Want to here something funny? To bad if you didn't but anyways a friend in anime could at my school is nicknamed potato
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