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It was no secret that the art department and the chemistry department couldn't really understand each other. But that wasn't a reason to say that chemistry was the most boring thing in the world. Chemistry can have a beautiful side as well, and you would show them.

Well, more like you would show HIM. Feliciano Vargas, a professor at the art derpartment. Whenever you talked to him it seemed that he was bored, always looking away or changing the topic.

Were you really that uninteresting? You wanted him to look at you, smile at you, to ki--

As you prepared everything for 'project', you blushed. Did you really think that last part? You would lie, if you said that he wasn't attractive, but did you really like him like that?

Shaking your head at that preposterous thought, you got some beakers out of the cupboard. You put them onto the table and poured water into them, about one centimetre high.

*He'll surely like it...*

You smiled a bit to yourself as you took out the white round filters. Into the first half of them you cut a hole in each one. The other half was rolled up and stuck into the holes.

Nearly finished, you took out some markers and painted on each construction a circle with a different colour. It took some time, but now you're nearly finished. You took your filter constructions and placed each of them into a beaker with water. Now you had to wait.

You used the time you had now to straighten up your appearance. You didn't want to look like a crazy scientist, with your hair disheveled and lab coat full of holes. So you brushed your hair and took out a brand new lab coat, that you have been saving up for later. You even dressed up in nicer clothes today...

*But not for him! It's just that I want to look nicer today, that's all!*

Pleased with how you looked, you checked on your project. Everything was finished. It was a sight to behold. A real artificial flower garden. The colours split up into their fundamental colours, covering the white of the filters.

You now went out to get Professor Vargas, to show him your type of art. Locking the laboratory door behind you, you made your way to his office. You knew that he didn't have any lessons this afternoon.

*But I don't know that because I'm interested in him...*

You arrived at your destination and knocked on the door.

"Come in~!", you heard his cheerful voice say.

Opening the door, you entered. His office was messy as always. Papers and art supplies laying everywhere. You tried your hardest not to step on anything.

"Oh, good afternoon, Professor [L/N]! What takes you here?", he began.

"Good afternoon, Professor Vargas. I wanted to ask, if you could spare me some of your time, I want to show you something.", you asked him, not wasting any time.

He seemed surprised at first, but then answered:

"Of course~!"

He grabbed his jacket and followed you out. You noted that he didn't lock his office door.

"Professor Vargas... I think you should lock your door..."

"Ve~? Oh, you're right!"

"Are you finished? Follow me."

The walk to the laboratory was silent. He didn't even ask what you wanted to show him.
Unlocking the door and switching on the lights you led him in. He didn't say a thing. Was it really that uninteresting for him? Wanting to break the silence, you began to explain:

"That's Paper Chromatography... I wanted to show you that chemistry can look nice too... But you don't seem interested in it... I'm sorry that I wasted your time.", you rambled on.

Suddenly he placed his index finger onto your lips, silencing you. He smiled at you.

"I didn't say that I didn't like it. It's the contrary. I'm awed, that you took the time to prepare something like this. It looks really beautiful, but not as beautiful as you~!", he winked at you.

"I-I... W-Well...", you didn't know what to say. Your brain couldn't come up with a logical conclusion. First he didn't even look at you, and now he calls you beautiful. He was probably just flirting, not meaning a thing he just said. Yes, that must be it...

Finally regaining your composure, you looked straight at him.

"Professor Vargas, please don't make such jokes!"

"Please call me my first name, [F/N]. And I'm not joking."

"What do you mean?! I want an explan---", you were silenced again, but this time with his lips meeting yours. You were too shocked to respond in any way. He parted away, and smiled sweetly at you.

"You know... you look so cute, when you're blushing like that~", he teased you.

"W-Why did you just do t-that...? Y-You shouldn't do things, you don't mean...", you looked down. He was probably just messing with you.

"[F/N]... I mean every action I just did...", and with that he leaned down, capturing your lips with his again. This time you also responded, clumsily kissing back. He now had his arms around your waist, holding you close to him. You two parted, breathing heavily.

He still smiled at you. Caressing your cheek with one hand, he then said:

"Ti amo... I really mean it."

"I-I... love you too...", you finally said it. No more lying to yourself!

"Ve~ I'm so happy that you feel the same way~", he sighed and hugged you tightly.

"I'm happy too..", you answered and hugged him back.

On the experiment table still stood the filters in all their colours, forgotten by the two of you.
Here is something that came to my mind some time ago.

We made paper chromatography this week in school, and it looks really nice if done right.

I hope I didn't write Italy too much out of character... :iconsweatdropplz:

Soo...Please comment and tell me if you like this story and if there are any things I can improve!

So I hope you all like it! :iconchibitaliaplz:

Hetalia --> :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story --> me
You--> :iconitalywinkplz:
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